Kangen Water: The Beauty Benefits This Filtered Water Provides That Spa Owners Love

Kangen water is being touted for its many benefits as an all-natural health, beauty, and home-cleaning aid. This treated water uses special filters and electrolysis to turn tap water into clean alkaline or acidic water. One of the most common locations to find Kangen water advertised is with the spa industry. Here, it is used in a variety of ways to provide beauty services free from chemical additives. Keeping Skin Hydrated Read More 

Swim Spas And Health Benefits

Many people enjoy the exercise a swimming pool allows and the relaxation of a hot tub or spa.  Swim spas combine the two for a unique experience that can fit easily in your backyard.  With a swim spa, you can swim for hours without making a single turn, and then relax and allow the jets to massage you.  A swim spa is a great investment if you are looking for all the benefits of a pool and a spa that you can use on your own schedule, but don't have the room or the money for a huge addition to your backyard. Read More